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About Us


Founded in 2019 by a passionate and forward-thinking cosmetics and beauty entrepreneur, Alissa Emalyn,'s mission is to empower women's (and men's) natural beauty by offering exclusively curated beauty products. Pssst, some personal info about her: she has very sensitive skin. Not only that, but she suffers from eczema as well! She loves to explore new things. Thus, she has tried A LOT of products from different brand ranges, from drugstores to high-end brands. She has consulted dermatologists. She has vowed to “Never again!” use any skin care product.

During her hiatus, she did a lot of research. She realized that her skin has been covered by too many chemicals and other unneeded ingredients. That’s when she came to believe that less is more.

So, why not make a product that does not make my skin cry or get pissed off ever again? And that’s how was born! Tadaa.

Our goal is to use the least ingredients in our products and strive for your own better skin. Above all, we want to educate and encourage you as best we can to love your skin, just like we do!